Not much chance of Nioh games moving to Xbox

Not much chance of Nioh games moving to Xbox

Although the next development of Team Ninja will be included in Game Pass, the team doesn’t see much chance of Nioh games coming to Xbox.

Both Team Ninja and Microsoft have collapsed spectacularly regarding Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, after all, the development has already been presented at the Xbox demo, and it was also revealed that the material will also be included in the Game Pass demo. Unfortunately, this hot relationship doesn’t mean that Nioh games originally released for PlayStation and then PC will also hit Xbox consoles.

Director Nioh Fumihiko Yasuda talked about this in a to VGC in a particular interview. The gentleman did not comment in detail on the matter, but stated that players should not wait for potential ports to appear: “At the moment, there is not much chance that Nioh will be available on Xbox consoles, but we hope that Xbox fans will enjoy Wo Long [a játék demója vasárnapig volt elérhető – a szerk.], waiting for its release. That’s all we can say for now.”

At the same time, Yasuda is very excited about their current collaboration with Microsoft, especially support for Game Pass, as Wo Long can reach many players in this way: this will likely help grow the online community and allow more users to play multiplayer. “

Yasuda also noted that although Nintendo is still dominant in Japan, in this generation of consoles Microsoft is significantly more represented in the island country, to which Game Pass also contributes.

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