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Not many award-winning actors Jászai Mari and Kossuth get their gold certificates from SZFE

Not many award-winning actors Jászai Mari and Kossuth get their gold certificates from SZFE

Sep 4, 2023 – 11:02 p.m

Members of the acting class of Laszlo Vamos, who graduated in 1973, refused to accept their golden degree from the University of Theater and Film, 444.

Members of the Golden Class of Graduates include award-winning actors Kossuth and Mari Jásza Erzsébet Kútvölgyi and Kati Lázár, also hereditary members of the Society of Immortals, as well as award-winning Márta Jászai Mari and Judit Miklósy, an actress. Matias Varsa, director and Zoltan Vas-Ivan is an actor, director and documentary filmmaker.

Their letter revealed that the department will not obtain its gold certificate due to the change in the 2020 form.

“We cannot accept a golden certificate from the hands of those who refused to join our former teachers and mentors, from Kalman Nadasde to Tamas Asher. The professional openness and diversity that we tried to protect until the last moment during the transformation process, which is still more important to us today than anything else “

they wrote. Class members will not participate in this year’s Opening Ceremony held at SZFE’s Cinema Urania.

And in the summer of 2020, the government decided, without any kind of dialogue, that the 155-year-old university, which until then had been the State University of Theater and Film, should be placed under foundation maintenance in the fall of 2020. Attila Vednyansky, director of the National Theatre, became Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, and the university was unable to delegate a single candidate to the Foundation. A large part of the students considered this as a loss of university freedom, as they surrounded the university buildings for more than 70 days and organized demonstrations, while some professors went on strike. In the end, the students abandoned university confinement due to the pandemic measures, and then many of them left the institution and founded the Freeszfe association. You can read our previous articles on the issue here.

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