Not just file transfers – what else can a flash drive be used for?

Pen drives, also known as USB drives, have been with us for over a dozen years. Floppy disks have been replaced, CDs and DVDs have also been replaced, and they accompany us in our daily life – we store photos, movies, monographs and multimedia shows on them.

But storing images or text files is not the only option in terms of using a USB stick.

This little device can save our computer! What can we do with a flash drive? You can find out in our article!

A few words about USB memory

the Flash Memory name is a combination of two English words – pen, meaning pen, and drive, meaning driver.

The Taiwanese company Add On Technology officially keeps the name, but has also entered the everyday parlance for this type of device.

A USB flash drive is a portable device that contains flash memory. It is used to transfer data between computers and other USB-enabled devices.

Almost a dozen years ago, flash drives competed with floppy disks – today we can say that they have been surpassed many times over, and the capacity of today’s flash drives can be measured not only in gigabytes, but also in terabytes.

What else can a flash drive be used for?

As mentioned earlier, a flash drive is not only used to transfer and store photos, videos, music or text files.

What else can this little boy do for us? Here is a list of unusual uses for a flash drive.

  • Computer data recovery. The flash drive can help us when we delete files from the computer. Data recovery is possible thanks to a portable application, that is, a special program that can be launched on a computer from a flash drive.
  • Remove viruses or spyware. A portable application on a USB drive can be used to remove malware from your computer.
  • Portable Operating System – USB Direct. We can “install” an operating system on a flash drive that can also run on a computer without having to install it on the hard drive. It’s as if our entire computer is on a small flash drive and we can run it on any computer. The most frequently installed systems are GNU / Linux and Windows To Go. This feature is called Live USB.
  • Increase computer memory. Thanks to the pen drive, we can increase system performance. Thanks to the ReadyBoost function, a USB flash drive can be used as a cache. This means that data and files are transferred to the flash drive, which makes computer work easier.
  1. music player. More and more models have a headphone jack and a small screen. The flash drive can also replace a CD in your car radio or stereo system.
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additional features

Manufacturers are increasingly diversifying their devices, adding new functions to them.

We can already find flash drives and radios with a voice recording function, not to mention the complex forms of USB memory sticks.

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