North Korea reports a space experiment, and the US says it’s something completely different

Kim Jong Un said in a report by the official North Korean news agency KCNA that he visited the Soho experimental site and talked about the need to expand the site’s capacity to make the country’s space exploration efforts a reality. Among other things, a satellite has been launched from the factory in the past, but it has also been used in a number of missile technology experiments. For example, engines that American and South Korean experts say can be used in ballistic missiles have been tested.

Meanwhile, Seoul and Washington announced that North Korea tested a new ICBM system, the Hasong-17, in two recent tests on February 27 and March 5. Pyongyang has claimed to have conducted experiments to develop satellites on both occasions. John Kirby, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense, said the system has only been tested to a limited extent so far, but more is certainly expected in the future. On Thursday, US government officials indicated that Washington is preparing to impose more sanctions on North Korea due to recent attempts to raise serious concerns about international security.

During negotiations with former US President Donald Trump in 2018, North Korea suspended its operations in the Sohae settlement for some time.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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