North Korea made an important announcement –

North Korea also did not participate in the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics and is now skipping the pentathlon Winter Games, which will be held in the Chinese capital from February 4-20. North Korea had notified Chinese authorities in a letter of his absence, citing “the work of hostile forces and the epidemic.”

The United States and the powers under its control are becoming more open to China in order to prevent the successful opening of the Olympics, which is why we cannot participate in the Games.

– It was stated in the North Korean decision sent to the Beijing organizers, which at the same time stated that “we fully support the Chinese comrades in the ongoing work of organizing a wonderful Olympic festival.”

North Korea has sent high-ranking political leaders to some of the previous games. Kim Jong-nam, North Korea’s second-highest official at the time, attended the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, and Kim Jong-nam’s main sister, Kim Jong-un, appeared at the 2018 South Korean Winter Olympics. Reuters.

On December 6, the United States announced its diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, which means that government officials will not travel to China, while American athletes will participate in Chinese ice and snow competitions.

Australia, Britain and Canada, among other countries, have joined the boycott initiative, which Washington has pointed out, citing serious human rights abuses in China.

Cover photo source: MTI Photo / Csa Szong Ho

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