Norris a 3. hely elvesztéséről: Épp ideje volt!

Norris on third place loss: It’s time!

Lando Norris The 2021 season started off great: Britain’s McLaren-Mercedes has closed all of the year’s races in the top eight and has managed to podium twice already.

The podium at the Monaco Grand Prix also means Norris appeared in the World Championship points race Max Verstappen And the Lewis Hamilton Behind, to third place. The young driver could only enjoy this partial success of one race, in which Sergio Perez, who won the race in Baku, was ahead of him.

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“It was time!” Norris said with a smile about the change of place. “It was only a matter of time before I congratulated him on his first win at Red Bull.

“Their car was much faster, so it was predictable. I am not disappointed, I am happy with the way I did over the weekend.”

Formula 1 will try to do qualifying races in some races this year, from which we can already taste some of the races in Baku for two terms. Norris enjoyed his pursuit, which, moreover, ended well for him.

“It was different from the normal start as we had more traction due to the softer tires and less fuel. It was a special pleasure for me to win two places with Hamilton breaking up and blocking Konoda,” the Briton said.

Sergio Perez was surprised by the supportive position of his predecessor, Alexander Albon



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