Norris moves to Monaco from the UK for financial reasons

Norris moves to Monaco from the UK for financial reasons

Lando Norris This year marks the end of his third season in the racing circus, which is already a huge achievement in itself, especially as he competed several places on the podium in the best form of his life in the 2021 season.

“It still means a lot to me and my career that I can join McLaren and go to McLaren as much as I want,” said Lando Norris, who spent all three years in the Woking team.

The British talent recently decided to leave the UK and move to Monaco to create a better financial position for herself. Norris also realizes that some will not agree with his decision.

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“If I have a bad weekend, I can go to the simulator any day to try out certain things, talk to the engineers, etc. And I love England. Maybe still my favorite place.”

“There’s my family, there’s my friends. And I think I’ve said many times that for me, having fun and having fun are important, that I enjoy what I do, and that’s a priority when making decisions.”

So this is not an easy decision. And that’s not something I’ve been thinking about for years,” the Briton added about his movement. “I feel in a comfortable place now to make that decision and take the time to move there. I can still meet many of my friends and my family will come.”

“A lot of things will stay exactly the same, just my headquarters will be somewhere else. I probably won’t play as much golf, which is the biggest downside. But there are some places nearby where I can go to play. So it’s not an easy decision.”

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While Norris does not hide the financial motive behind his move, he is aware that he may be criticized for doing so. “Of course I understand that there will definitely be some critical voices. But people do a lot in life for money. It’s just another one.”

“I can still stream on Twitch,” the McLaren captain continued. “My interactions with fans will not change at all. Max has done a number of streams before, so this page will not change.”

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