Norris: I’m not saying I’ll win for sure, but I can fight with Verstappen

McLaren’s Lando Norris believes he is mature and experienced enough to challenge Max Verstappen for the world title if his team overcomes Red Bull’s deficit.

The Wokingites had a rocky start to 2023 but in Australia they capitalized on a chaotic finish so they jumped from the bottom of the table to fifth in the Constructors’ Championship. As for continuation, they strongly believe that the Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend will bring an improvement in performance, as they are now taking their first major development package to the track.

Of course, they do not expect victories and podium finishes from this either, but they do expect that they will be closer to their direct opponents (that is, to the midfield teams) and that they will be able to get out of the lag. against the fastest.

The team’s driver, Lando Norris, is also optimistic about the developments. “Honestly, we are now falling short of expectations.” he said to sweat. “But we are all aware of this, and this is the reason for all these changes. 2021 was a very good year, and we’ve made reasonable progress in 2022 as well. But at the beginning of this year, we fell short of expectations. I was expecting more progress before this seasonR “.

Max Verstappen and Lando Norris at the 2022 GP in Brazil (Photo: XPB)

“Actually, I was expecting a bit more than last year. For many different reasons, the team fell short of expectations time and time again at the start of this season. Australia, on the other hand, really had a better weekend, and things have clearly improved. The first few weekends.The improvements are coming now.This is how we should have started the yearHe confirmed.

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Although he is not entirely satisfied with the results of the previous months, Norris still believes in McLaren: He has said several times that he does not regret at all extending his contract until 2025.

Moreover, he expects much better results in 2024 and 2025. He has now indicated that if the big jump works and they can fight for victory again, he believes he will be able to compete with Max Verstappen, who currently dominates the king class. “I’m not a guy who can easily say that if we’re in a fight I can beat Verstappen and (Lewis) Hamilton, but now I’m confident enough to say I can definitely compete with them.”

“I could fight with them for the world title. But I think it’s not relevant yet, maybe in 2024, or as far as I’m concerned, I think in 2025.”The young competitor concluded.

Lando Norris (Photo: XPB)

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