Norris does not expect a surprising result on Sunday


Saturday 12 November 2022 at 12:02 pm


Lando Norris qualified fourth in Friday night’s qualifying session in Brazil, although he wasn’t sure he would be able to get into the car on Thursday due to illness.

McLaren’s pace was not an encouraging one in Friday’s only free practice, with Norris finishing 15th, with teammate Daniel Ricciardo finishing last. It takes place in changing climatic conditions on a timer However, he did unexpectedly well on Thursday media due to food poisoning had to miss British driver, finished first quarter and second quarter. In the third quarter, he was the last to get out on the track before the next rain, which ultimately didn’t prove to be a good strategy, but he would still be able to start Saturday’s sprint with second-row McLaren.

“I struggled a lot yesterday. I didn’t think at all I would be able to get into a car today,” Norris told the official F1 website after qualifying. “We have done an excellent job, both on the side of the team and on my part. I don’t think we could have done anything better than what we did: 1st in the first quarter, 2nd in the 2nd, and 4th at the end. We finally got out, and maybe it wasn’t the optimal decision, but we saved ourselves from other risks and I’m still fourth in the wettest conditions, so I’m very happy.”

“I think things will end up a bit. We will see Red Bulls, Ferrari and Mercedes come back to the front, so I think everything will be back to normal,” added Norris, who believes, however, that the rest of the field may still have a chance of taking good positions in the sprint: “I think conditions give drivers a better chance: On a day like today, it’s not just about the cars. K-Mag [Magnussen] She proved it today.”

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“I feel like I didn’t do everything as it should, because I didn’t feel 100%, everything went well in comparison, so we ended a surprisingly positive day,” the driver, who finished seventh in the championship, told Sky Sports.

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