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Nora Trukan moved out of her parents' house at the age of 32: that's why she lived with her famous father for a long time – Najm Hazai

Nora Trukan moved out of her parents' house at the age of 32: that's why she lived with her famous father for a long time – Najm Hazai

Nora from Troka He only left his parents' home when he was over 30 years old. the In the Buta Café program He told me why he didn't move sooner and what it was like living with his father, With Peter Trocan.

Nora Turkan and move

Nora Trocan and her famous father have a lot in common. Of course, it cannot be denied that they are similar on the outside, but they are even more similar on the inside.

That is why the actress did not feel the need to leave her parents' house and move separately for a long time. After graduating from college, it was clear that he would move home and nowhere else.

– Now you don't have to imagine this in a small apartment, this is our family home, so it was a relatively large space for the two of us to live in one house – explained Nora Trocan, who finally decided to move separately at the age of 32.

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He told me how similar his personality was to his father's, which is why they always got along so well, and living together was completely natural for them.

– We have very similar temperaments, so… we got along very well – said Nora Trocan, who also revealed that she ended up moving away from home not because she couldn't stand the situation, but because she felt that it was time to start an independent life.

Trokan's sister, Nora and Anna, is a very beautiful woman: 25-year-old Elektra was still being bullied at school

Nora Trocan and Anna's younger sister Elektra Magyar were harassed and severely abused at school.

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