Nora Trukan married in secret: She was a beautiful, charming bride - a household star

Nora Trukan married in secret: She was a beautiful, charming bride – a household star

Nora from Truka Revealed on Instagram, they kept their wedding with his partner a complete secret. When it comes to her personal life, the actress is very secretive. She last leaked some information about her chosen one a year ago, this is well known, the guy is a professional, but he is not an actor.

He also managed to hide the fact that he had been married for about a month: he finally revealed this on Instagram. From his post, it turns out that they said a happy yes on August 20.

Nora Trukan’s wedding

Recording can fit into short stories. The young couple, each leading a horse, is walking towards the wild forest. The groom is like a blond prince, and Nora Trocan is charmingly beautiful as she looks at the camera in a white wedding dress with lace sleeves.

You can see a photo of Nora Trukan’s wedding on her website by clicking here.

In addition to the post, many celebrities also expressed their congratulations to the young couple. Claudia Liptay – with whom she starred in the series “The Teacher” – wrote: “Yes!” Vera Toth notes that there is no other parrot in the world so beautiful. Dorca Grealus was surprised to write “Oops,” but as Szonja Oroszlán and Erdélyi Tímea commented on the photo.

Nora Trukan also spoke about their relationship in the above interview. She said she was grateful that she had gone through this journey of self-discovery, because she believes that you can only find the right partner if you are okay with yourself.

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The moment has come when I have a relationship where the other person is like me. We are a balanced and equal party – he said in September 2021 in women’s magazine.

Rica Robinette’s wedding dress

Rica Robinette and Schubert Norby pledge their eternal loyalty to each other for the fifth time. The fitness expert uploaded wedding photos to his social media page, and this time they stood in front of the altar in a majestic country mansion. Réka Rubint wore a beautiful one-shoulder wedding dress made of sheer material.

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