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Nora Ordug's hairstyle change surprised the whole country: she did not even care about the opinion of her husband – Najma Hazai

Nora Ordug's hairstyle change surprised the whole country: she did not even care about the opinion of her husband – Najma Hazai

Those who know Next top model hungary Its predecessors, the foreign versions, know exactly what the show's second broadcast is about: transformation. The appearance of girls who have reached the competition is redesigned by professional specialists, someone gets a completely different hair color, and there are also those who have to part with long curls.

And change is not always pleasant, there is almost no season when a girl does not cry about what new physique was invented. It will be no different this time, as some tears will roll down the faces of the contestants.

Nora devil short hair

Someone is so terrified that the broadcaster… Satan for Nora You have to sit with him to calm him down. She also has her own experiences with radical hairstyle changes.

Photo: TV2/Next Top Model Hungary

At the beginning of his career, he himself wore a long hairstyle for years, so it's no wonder that when he unexpectedly appeared on screen with boyishly short hair, the country's jaws dropped.

So far, she has not talked much about the reason for the drastic change, on A Next Top Model Hungary it will be revealed why she decided to change herself so much.

– 10 years ago, I looked in the mirror and felt that this long hair was useless. I made a big splash when I cut my long hair overnight. It was the best decision of my life!

This is how Nora Ordog looked with short hair.

This is how Nora Ordog looked with short hair.

Photo: Birth of RTL/Csillag

She really liked short hair because it gave her personality, and everyone commented on it, and everyone had a saying about it. It was even more striking than the hairstyle she had previously worn.

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That's why she encourages everyone to dare to be wild when changing their hairstyle. According to him, if a person is in a relationship, he doesn't deserve to worry about his lover's opinion of changing – and he didn't do that either.

– It was also an independent decision for me to cut my hair. Although my husband loved my long hair, he basically loved me.

Nora Ordog went to the fashion show with her daughter: this is how Missy posed with her mother

Nora Ordug accompanied her daughter Missy Nancy to the Central European Fashion Week in Budapest.

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Cover photo: TV2/Next Top Model Hungary

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