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Nobel Prize-winning scientists ask the European Union to relax rules on genetic modification

Nobel Prize-winning scientists ask the European Union to relax rules on genetic modification

They believe that thanks to genetic modification, farmers should use less pesticides and fertilizers.

34 Nobel Prize-winning scientists are calling on EU lawmakers to ease strict regulations on gene editing. In their open letter, they write that the EU should “reject the darkness of anti-science fear-mongering” before a key vote on the issue, they write.

Researchers want to be allowed to use new techniques that target specific genes to modify their genetic code. With these techniques because Plants can become more resistant to disease and more likely to survive extreme weather events that are becoming more severe with climate change.

“Old plant breeding methods that last for years and decades take a long time, and we don't have much time in the age of climate emergency.” They wrote.

The letter was also sent to representatives of the European Parliament. The more than a thousand signatories include well-known geneticists, biologists and scientists.

Their opinion According to the European Union, plant protection agents that are most harmful to plants that are difficult to propagate by traditional methods are used, and Genetic modification could help farmers use much smaller amounts of these agents and fertilizers.

According to scientists, new technologies can make plants more resistant to diseases – Image: Shutterstock

However, genetic modification has many opponents who… They claim it can have unexpected results, In addition to biodiversity, it can endanger human health. the However, according to those who argue in favor of gene editing, the risks pale in comparison to the known risks of the climate crisis and food shortages, and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has not found gene editing to be any riskier than the traditional method. education.

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In 2018, the Court of Justice of the European Union decided that all gene-edited plants are subject to EU GMO regulation, but the European Commission wants to exempt plants produced with new gene-editing methods from the strict rules. The European Parliament's Environmental Protection Committee is scheduled to vote on the draft resolution on Wednesday.

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