“No one is used to joining forces” - Dr. Cernos spoons the Hungarian swimmer who was preparing for the World Cup

“No one is used to joining forces” – Dr. Cernos spoons the Hungarian swimmer who was preparing for the World Cup

Hand and eye surgery, Covid and post-Covid – Richard Bauhaus fought armies in the spring, but Dr. Cernos took bronze at the World Championships ahead of the World Championships in Budapest.

“It started with the craft, then I got my eyes checked, then the coronavirus came, and then after the scan – it was really hard, I didn’t really feel motivated, that I started training and fired everything myself. Then I was able to channel this a little bit with Dr. Cernos, and stomped on Feet a little, and then I collected myself,” Richard Bauhaus told DIGI Sport 24.

But the end of preparation isn’t easy either, according to the BVSC swimmer. “That’s when a person’s feelings and body feel weird, we put them back from the heavy burden and the situation a bit chaotic.

This will start to level out well and it will be better to get close to the World Cup, but in this case the training will be very poor.

The swimmer laughed.

However, it was a good time for him to finish third in the 2017 World Cup with a 4×100 quick change; The 29-year-old swimmer still wants to be the last man of the quartet.

“For him, one of his strengths is the way he turns and the way he picks up speed,” he said. Peter the Great Swimming coach. “You say you want to swim fourth, he came once in 2017. It’s obviously not 100 per cent that if he goes there again, he will swim again – it will be the decision of the captain who wants to put it.”

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The relay now begins in fifth at the Olympics and outside of Bauhaus Nándor Németh, Szebasztián Szabó And the Christoph Melak They were members of it.

“In Tokyo, it looked like everyone got a little smeared, because this was the first Olympics for the others, and I just know, what kind of guy looks back and forth, oh my goodness, like these Olympics? The relay is diverse in all respects, but I think It’s a very good team, everyone has a good distinction, everyone can put themselves out there, no one was hanging around in front of the races,” Bohos smiled again, then added. “There will be no problem, transformations must be applied alone.”

The main number for the Pikescapa-born athlete will now be the 4×100 fast shifter, but he will also start from the back.

“The man fell, his eyes closed, with air, and then there will be what will be. If the wave comes badly, and the wind blows hard, everything can go bankrupt and it can go wrong. But maybe thanks to a good swim, I can even make it to the finals.”

The 4×100 Quick Start Opening Day will begin next Saturday, while 50 back-to-back fights will be staged a week later.

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