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On Monday, the New Zealand Ministry of Health said that the last coronavirus patient had recovered from his illness, and no new disease was discovered in the island country for two weeks.

The ministry was informed by the end of the week that the last nurse who had been observed by doctors afflicting the disease in Auckland had made a full recovery.

Health Director Ashley Bloomfield said that since February 28, when the first case was recorded, they have now arrived there and have yet to be confirmed in the country.

According to the Ministry of Health, 1,504 confirmed cases were recorded, 1,482 patients recovered, and 22 patients died. The last new infection was recorded on May 22, with 295,000 people tested.

Local authorities began lifting most of the restrictions after the epidemiological situation stabilized. Public transport has been fully restored, rail traffic has resumed throughout the country, stores have opened, production has resumed, and public companies and institutions are back to work.

There are still some restrictions on service and food. However, teaching at all levels has fully resumed in educational institutions.

At Monday’s cabinet meeting, the pandemic emergency is expected to remain at a minimum, after which all restrictions except for border closures will be lifted.

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