No More Ten Little Negroes is the title of the famous Agatha Christie novel in France

No More Ten Little Negroes is the title of the famous Agatha Christie novel in France

The negro word disappears Agatha Christie Ten little negroes From the French translation of his popular crime novel. Book from now on There were ten of them, Say There were ten The grandson of the world-famous novelist announced on Wednesday, James Prichard.

MTI wrote that Pritchard, who cared about Christie’s legacy, emphasized on French RTL radio that when he wrote the book, “The language was so different and we used words that we have forgotten today.” The word Negro was used 74 times in the original text.

Above all, Agatha Christie wanted to entertain her readers and there was nothing that could go further than offending even one of them.

Pritchard explained his decision on the new translation.

The novel that was originally Ten young niggers He got the title, written by Christie in 1938, and the French translation appeared in 1940. In the United States, crime is decades old. and then there Were None Released under the title. In the Hungarian translation Ten little soldiers Obsession Ten Native Americans It also appeared under the title.

Negro Island has also been changed in the book, and the new French translation already includes the definition of Soldier Island.

The crime, of which around 100 million copies have sold worldwide, has been the subject of numerous film and television productions, including 1974. Charles Aznavoral.

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