No matter how strong Facebook is in Australia, Canada will also pay for the news obtained from the press

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Canada will also follow the example of Australia and require social media to pay for media coverage on its sites. Reuters writes.

Also, the Canadian government is not preventing Facebook from banning news sharing in Australia on the one hand, and the sharing of Australian press material on the other hand. This resulted in a great deal of chaos, and pages of official information related to the epidemic, as well as pages of charities, unions and politicians fell victim.

Last year, Canadian media companies warned that if everything continues this way, 700 of the 3,100 print media jobs could be lost. However, it has yet to be decided whether to follow the Australian, or rather the French, model that would require technology companies to agree to journalistic products requiring compensation.

Photo: Yap Arens / Nour Photo via AFP

According to the competent Canadian minister, similar rules will soon be adopted in 10-15 countries, and he wonders if Facebook will also cut ties with Germany and France.

Google has entered into agreements with 500 media companies around the world in recent years, totaling $ 1 billion, and is also negotiating in Canada. Regardless, the new law will apply to it as well.


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