For now, it appears that Nissan is not only bringing its latest sporty models to Europe, but it is also leading the models so far, such as the GT-R. At the same time, Japanese developers are not holding back and making newer and more modern sports cars, such as the 400Z, which will only be sold in America. Besides, the latest generation Patrol has been completed, which is now handled by NISMO Sports Department.

He’s got a real giant, but athletic costume. NISMO accessories also include new bumpers, sill covers and rims. Good ventilation holes are left in the fenders, and a Formula 1 style fog lamp is installed in the center of the rear. On new body elements, the NISMO uses red contour lines, as on all of its sporty models.

The Nissan Patrol 2 got a massive 482 hp V8

The Patrol Nismo can also be called sporty. The massive body is propelled by a 5.6-liter V8 with 428 hp and 560 Nm of torque. Shock absorbers from Bilstein tightened the chassis and provided transport support systems. Also available is Emergency Brake Assist, pedestrian detection, collision warning, and headlight shift automatically.

The Nissan Patrol 3 got a massive 482-horsepower V8

It features a sporty interior that matches the sporty look, and a red NISMO color scheme, so they created the color scheme with this black. Both high-quality leather and Alcantara are displayed in the cabin, and the steering wheel has been retracted in Alcantara and is sporty. A carbon fiber pattern appears on the dashboard and on many upholstery items. In terms of comfort, the performance of the passengers in the back is better than the previous Patrol, the ventilation system has been improved, which could be an important point, especially in the most important markets of Patrol, the Middle East. Wireless charging and smartphone mirroring can make your journey even more modern in the Patrol Nismo.

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The Nissan Patrol 4 got a massive 482 hp V8