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Nioh 2 was released for PC and PS5, and interest is great

Nioh 2 was released for PC and PS5, and interest is great


The game produced three times as many entries on Steam as its predecessor, but there are also negative votes.

02/08/2021 18:57 | Jerig | Category: Game

It was released for PlayStation 4 about a year ago, in March 2020 Team Ninja Role play action, prof Nioh 2. It has also been a hit with the Sony console, and several DLCs have been created for it in the past year.

The developers announced last November that the game would be available for PC this year in a collector’s version – that was finally done for the remainder of the week. Nioh 2 – The full version arrived at the scheduled date SteamerWhere he got off to a fairly strong start.

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According to statistics, the game has already picked up three times as many people after its debut compared to its predecessor in 2017. At the same time, Tecmo games on computers don’t usually run very loudly, and negative voices appear quickly now too.

As a few days passed, there were more and more negative user comments on the Nioh 2 that specifically criticized the game’s performance. Many people complain about game optimization issues, simply because it doesn’t work stably, with the FPS number dropping on the ground for certain effects. Most people recommend keeping graphics settings to a minimum, at least for the effects involved, but this clearly can only be a temporary solution. Additionally, it reported several input issues. Although the developers have promised to redesign the interface and controls for the PC version as well as support for 120fps speeds and ultra-wide screens, there are indications that the keyboard and mouse pair aren’t working flawlessly yet.

Meanwhile, based on nearly 3.5k votes, Nioh 2 currently has a 72% liking index on Steam, which is a bad, if not entirely strong, indicator. Those who also complain about technical issues also admit that aside from that, the game isn’t bad at all, actually. ■

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Nioh 2
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