Nintendo won a lawsuit against the ROM site, and they received huge damages

Nintendo won a lawsuit against the ROM site, and they received huge damages

In September 2019, Nintendo filed a lawsuit against a piracy website, which is RomUniverse-t, making Nintendo’s copyrighted titles available to the masses. In addition to the massive copyright infringement, the site also sold premium accounts, thus opening the upper limit on the number of games that can be downloaded.

The operator of the site, Matthew Strowman, argued that he himself did not carry a single address on the site and did not commit a crime.

The site has since been shut down and the court has awarded Storman $2.1 million in damages. Nintendo initially demanded $15 million, but eventually settled on that amount. We’re talking about $35,000 in compensation per title, which means that Gateway has been pirating 60 different Nintendo games in recent years.

The court did not request a permanent injunction against Storman because it held that Nintendo had not suffered irreparable damage.

By the way, Nintendo has been fighting pirated sites for years, and RomUniverse was not the first such site Bebarl. Of course, this is understandable, in recent years separately will stop It has become a pirate site that sells copies of Nintendo games. This is partly due to people wanting to play old classic games on modern computers, but it is also clear that there is a huge demand for newer games.

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