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Ninety places will be paid at the Flesch Center in Mosonmagyaróvár

Ninety places will be paid at the Flesch Center in Mosonmagyaróvár

About ninety parking spaces will be paid for in a matter of weeks in Mosonmagyaróvár: this time in the parking lot of the Cultural Centre. By the way, they have been preparing for it for a long time, but now the technical conditions have been worked out. There are only a few small touches left.

– The technical conditions will be decided in the next few days, so we can start the trial run for two weeks after that. During September, the system will be operational – we learned from Tibor Kosar, Managing Director of Városüzemeltető és Fenntártó Kft.

We also asked László Tóth, Head of the Parking Group at VÜF, for details.

– By making the Flesch Center car park chargeable, we want to help those who come to the community center park their cars when they attend an event, as well as the residents of the area. Fifty-night passes are available for them, and they can be redeemed when the parking lot is already in full operation, so for the rest of the year it is expected that they will be paid HUF 12,000. László Tóth indicated that you can park your car in the car park from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am with a permit issued based on the license plate. He emphasized: The first 30 minutes will be free for everyone, so for example we can shop until then. Those who come to the Flesch Center for an event get two hours free. Otherwise, the city entry pass will not be valid for this car park. It is also important to exchange tickets here from midnight January 2nd to midnight December 23rd for a fee of 300 HUF per hour, this also applies to night hours.

Since the beginning of the year, two new parking areas have also been identified: the bay in front of the post office in Erkel Ferenc utca with 15 parking spaces, as well as the area next to the police station in Erkel Ferenc utca with 37 parking spaces. Before, we could stop at these places for free, now both areas are designated as the number one fee area. According to László Tóth, a lot of extra fees are charged in the former place, because many people habitually stop, or think they will only enter the post office for a few minutes. One in the police station used more for parking for longer periods, several people bought a residence permit for 12,000 HUF for a year.

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