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Nine places in the Hungarian national team starting at the IAAF World Championships in Budapest have already been sold out

Nine places in the Hungarian national team starting at the IAAF World Championships in Budapest have already been sold out

It is expected in the early days of August that Hungarian athletes will qualify for the World Championships in Budapest in August – the Hungarian Confederation (MASZ) announced on its website on Monday, adding that nine are currently considered guaranteed. appetizers.

According to the current situation, six female athletes and three Hungarian athletes are entitled to participate in the World Cup. For the first, Luca Cusack in the 100m hurdles, Nora Szabo and Katalin Kovacs-Gharami in the marathon, Victoria Madarasz and Rita Rixey in the 35km, while Bianca Bartha Keri is a sure contender in the 800m. In the men’s category, together with Attila Molnar, Bence Halas won the hammer throw and Matte Hillebrandt won the 35 km walk.

In the MASZ article, he explained that there are two ways to get into the World Cup team during the qualification period: on the one hand, by meeting the levels set by the WA, and on the other hand, by placing. in the world rankings.

Geza Scheidler, professional sports director of the Hungarian FA, believes that the professional goal related to the number of members of the World Cup team can be maintained.

“The professional management thought in terms of twenty-five players, otherwise this will be one of the greatest Hungarian World Cup teams of all time. That is sustainable, but it could be more than that. For all of this, you have to wait until closing on July 30th. At that time, it will be Determine who scored how many points on the leaderboards, but there may still be some movement in the first days of August due to relegation. said the specialist.

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According to practice, World Cup levels are usually set by publishing target numbers for events before each world competition, about half of which qualify in this way, and the other half can collect their points in qualifying competitions.

Ranking points are live points, that is, they can constantly change depending on who is competing in competitions and what results they achieve there. In most competitions, the average of the five best measurements determines the score.

“Here, it is very important for an athlete to have a strategy for the qualification period. It does not matter in which event the sprinter or the shooter achieves a result, individual competitions have completely different complications. According to the international trend, the managers of the best competitors also look at the season or qualification period through this Lenses, when booking competitions” Giza Scheidler added.

There are overlaps between the qualifying periods for the various world competitions: if two weeks later Attila Molnar had achieved his national record of 44.98, which he ran in the 400m in Cyprus at the end of May, he would also have received the Olympic cotta, because by that time the qualification period For the Paris Olympics has already opened.

The qualification period for individual sporting events varies. For example, the calendar of competitions for multi-trial athletes, who – due to the complexity of their sport – cannot participate in as many competitions as throwers, for example, is formed differently. But for this reason, it was revealed earlier about the marathon runners who were given the right to start, since their qualification period ended on May 30, before the summer heat wave.

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The Budapest World Cup, which will be the largest sporting event in the history of Hungary, will be held between August 19 and 27 at the National Athletics Center and at Hosok Square, which hosts street running and walking competitions.

Cover Photo:
Chorzów, June 21, 2023 Luka Kozak in the women’s 100m hurdles event at the European Team Championships in Krakow at Stadion Silesia on June 21, 2023 in Chorzów. MTI/Zsolt Czeglédi

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