Nightfall, the massive mod that completes the story of the first DS

Nightfall, the massive mod that completes the story of the first DS

A new preview has been introduced for Dark Souls: Nightfall, the adaptation of the first part of Dark Souls. The video showed that the mod will be released on December 21, 2021, exactly one month before the release of Elden Ring. This is no coincidence, but at least there will be impatient fans of FromSoftware to tie themselves up until the arrival of Miyazaki Hidetaka’s next work, to which George R.R. Martin also contributed.

We already wrote about Nightfall in March, which is a mod that uses Dark Souls elements and tweaks its parts of the course to give us a new style. To this, a whole new story was written with new characters, and good things like alternating times of the day were also added. The most important new thing seems to be the redesigned combat system, which allows us to bounce (teleport) up and down at lightning speed, which in turn normally spins in motion. So the gameplay in Nightfall is moving a bit in the direction of Bloodborne.

There is actually one unpleasant news about Dark Souls: Nightfall, and that is that it will only work with the PC version of Remastered, which was released in 2018. According to the makers, this is because the original desktop version has too many technical limitations.


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