Night under the bridge

Change the color of the Vltavska tunnel

the U/U studio and the replace Following his plans, a new life has moved into the dysfunctional and not at all friendly underpass, which the people of Prague have so far avoided when they wanted to cross Vltavska at a traffic intersection. The dark abandoned place is now waiting for you as an exciting nightclub and community space Prague population Moldavia River (Vltava).

Crawling under a bridge is not a symbol of prosperity. Having lost its function as an underpass passing under Prague’s Hlavkov Bridge, it has become a particularly dangerous area for the more fortunate sectors of society. the U/U studio and the replace Breathe new life into the abandoned facility with a plan that doesn’t deny it but puts life under the bridge into a different context. With this gesture, it was possible to subtly incorporate an urban space that, until now, had projected a nightmare of peripheral existence in front of upright citizens rushing about their business.

The renovated underground aqueduct hosts everything on two levels that are somehow connected to the ocean world, and feels particularly comfortable in the long underground space. An area designed for freestyle sports, a streetball court, BMX, skateboard and roller skating tracks, pole dancing, climbing poles, a mirrored dance floor and a climbing wall await fans of active action. The designers provided a space for activities that make use of a weather-protected space and artificial lighting.

On the subways along the Vltava, a straight line inspired by the river has become a key element of the design. The facility, which can be used around the clock, is not subject to the vagaries of the seasons or the current weather, or even the time of day – it can be used at any time. The underground space has become a safe community space for both pedestrians and cyclists.

The entire underpass deck has been cleaned and resurfaced. The designers primarily used steel and concrete for durability and ease of maintenance. The sense of security is enhanced by the newly installed linear lighting. People who are tired of active movement can find a relaxation area with a wonderful view of the city. The entrance to the establishment is connected to the traffic intersection, and was designed to have space for a small bar and bistro.

A permanent inhabitant of the underground world first Pig. shown on it QR code With the help of a public account, anyone, including users of the entertainment facility, who themselves are somehow far from the mainstream, can support those marginalized in society, who have lost their homes and are forced to live in Prague’s 7th district subway. We are all neighbors, rowing in the same boat!

Studio: U/U studio [építészet] | web | Facebook | Instagram; replace [a revitalizáció koncepciója] | web | Instagram
designers: Jerry Kotal, Martin Hroda, Andrea Novakova, Marek Peczyk, Lukas Kalivoda, Jan Maliczyk [U / U stúdió]; Martin Contra and Richard Pressler replace]client: Prague 7 district
The project Location: Hlávkův most, Vltavská, Prague 7
Project Country: Czech Republic
Completion year: 2022
Total area: 1810 square meters
the pictures: Jerry Kotal

Skatepark contractor: Bonidee Skateparks
Graphics: rebel [Maxo Šimko]Plates: Jacob Carlick
Lighting designer: Maxo Simkoe, Jean Bosch
light: TSK
Oli Pig Statue: Mikolas Zika + Jan Bejcha

source: connection

More graphics and photos in the gallery!

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