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Square Enix’s animated action-RPG series NieR: Automata is out with a new teaser. Yoke: Automata Version 1.1a, in addition, the new trailer finally revealed the exact premiere date of the anime.

Co-production of Aniplex and A-1 Pictures With several shorter previews It has also appeared in recent months, fortunately the creators are not squeezing our nerves anymore, they have finally revealed in the latest teaser the premiere date of the series that debuted on Crunchyroll.

We don’t have to wait long for the first episode, On January 7, 2023, it was released Yoke: Automata Version 1.1a. The creators of the game have not revealed much about the story yet, it is certain that the main characters of the role-playing game, 2B and 9S, will once again be in the center, and the desperate battle against extraterrestrial machines will continue, while the darkness. The secret will be revealed.

the Yoke: Automata The devastating cyberpunk visuals will return in the series, and the battles already look stunningly stunning. We look forward to seeing what the story will be able to add to the RPG world. The series will arrive on January 7, 2023, and Aniplex will reveal more details in a livestream on December 28.

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