Nicolas Cage has revealed why he hasn’t joined the MCU yet

The Oscar-winning actor has already been imagined by fans as several characters, but he’s not yet signed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now it becomes clear why.

Nicolas Cage is a real phenomenon, and it is impossible not to love him, despite his half roles. For a while, the star of Con Air, Ál/Arc, The Rock, and Tolvajtempó seemed to be past its prime, but now it seems it’s experiencing a renaissance: finger Once again managed to impress the critics, In the unbearable weight of gigantic talent He played himself with a great character, and soon he’ll be playing the legendary Dracula in Renfield, while a sequel to Fake/Face is also taking shape.

Cage is also known as a huge fan of comic books, his stage name was also inspired by Marvel hero, Luke Cage, as well as composer John Cage (also born Nicholas Kim Coppola), and it was no coincidence that he took on that. The main role in Ghost Rider and its sequel, as well as dubbing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse the noir Spider-Man – even Superman could have been directed by Tim Burton, but in the end nothing came of it. So he would have given himself up to join one of today’s most popular franchises, the MCU, but the actor hasn’t given up on his waist yet.

And he himself revealed why not. the diverse According to his report, Cage recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Miami Film Festival, and in connection with this, he has spoken about a few different topics in front of an audience. Also discussed is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which he voiced as follows:

“I have to be nice about the Marvel movies because I named myself after Stan Lee’s character, Luke Cage. Obviously I’m not going to talk to them. Stan Lee is like a father figure to me because he named me. But I get why people are frustrated. I feel it. But I think That there is enough space for everyone. There are films like Tarr that are being made. I see all kinds of art and independent films. I think there is plenty of room for everyone.”

Apparently, it has been suggested that Cage could also join the MCU, before the following was said:

“You don’t need the MCU, I’m Nick Cage.”

No one has ever given an indisputable answer to this question. Do you think Nicolas Cage should give him a nod if Marvel called him out? And if so, who will you be playing?

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