NHL: Title holders Tampa Bay narrowly missed

NHL: Title holders Tampa Bay narrowly missed

The Tampa Bay Lightning won 2-1 at Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday of the North American Professional Hockey League (NHL) playoffs, thus advancing from the main group quarterfinals with a score of 4:3 on aggregate. The Hungarian Broadcasting Bureau reported.

Tampa Bay Lightning has lost its way (Image: Getty Images)

Nick Ball scored the two Stanley Cup-winning guest goals in the previous two seasons, and Russian goalkeeper Andrei Vasilevsky contributed to the success 30 times. The last time Toronto passed the first round of qualifying was in 2004, and they couldn’t break their poor streak this time either. Tampa Bay’s next opponent will be the Florida Panthers.

The Carolina Hurricanes also struggled to advance in Game Seven against the Boston Bruins, who were defeated 3-2 as hosts on Saturday. Maxwell Domy contributed to the success with two goals and one assist. MTI noted that this was the 27-year-old’s first and second qualifying goal for the 27-year-old, who was signed in March, in his career.

The Edmonton Oilers beat the Los Angeles Kings 2-0 in Game 7. Conor McDavid scored a goal at home and prepared the other. Mike Smith, 40, saved 29 shots, the 44th in his career in the National Hockey League. The Telegraph Office added that the Kings won the Stanley Cup in 2014, but have not won a playoff since then.

Ice Hockey, NHL
Quarters of the main group
the East

Carolina Hurricanes – Boston Bruins 3-2
Final result of the duel until the fourth victory of one team: 4: 3 in favor of Carolina.
Toronto Maple Leafs-Tampa Bay Lightning 1-2
Final result of duel up to one team’s fourth win: 4:3 in favor of Tampa Bay.

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the West
Edmonton Oilers – Los Angeles Kings 2-0
Final result of the duel until the fourth victory of one team: 4: 3 in favor of Edmonton.

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