NHL: Great lift, goalkeeper scores a goal – video

The Boston Bruins cruised to a 3-1 victory over the Vancouver Canucks on Saturday in the North American Professional Hockey League (NHL).

Game day hero, Boston goalkeeper Linus Ullmark (Photo: twotter.com/Bsoton Bruins)

The Bruins had a two-goal advantage in the first period, but the Canadian team reduced it by one goal in the third, so they dropped their goaltender in the final minute and a half hoping to tie the game, but the puck shot wide. The attacking third was tamed by Boston goalkeeper Linus Ullmark, and then, unexpectedly, he was lifted into the opponent’s empty net. In addition to the game’s final score, the Swede contributed to Boston’s sixth success in a row with 26 saves. It was the 14th goal by a goaltender in NHL history in the regular season—two in the playoffs—and the last time it happened over two years ago.

And in Saturday’s game, the other goalkeepers excelled even though they didn’t score. New Jersey Devils goalkeeper Akira Schmid, for example, made a perfect save for the first time in his career, and thanks to this, his team won 7-0. The 22-year-old hockey player had to make 23 saves. Every Devils hit has been recorded by someone else, including Dawson-Mercer’s sixth consecutive hit.

The Tampa Bay Lightning also triumphed with an impressive goalkeeping performance, as the Russian star of the two-time champion team in the past three seasons, Andrei Vasilevsky, made 45 saves, bringing Florida to a 3-0 victory in Detroit.

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Although the West’s leading point guard for the Anaheim Ducks didn’t defend flawlessly, John Gibson still had eternal merit in his team’s 3-2 upset home win over the Carolina Hurricanes, second only to Boston. , where he finished the tournament. with 51 saves.

Primary section

Columbus Blue Jackets—Edmonton Oilers6-5
Washington CapitalsNew York Rangers 6-3
st louis blues-Pittsburgh Penguins 2-3 – after extra time
Vancouver Canucks-Boston Bruins 1-3
Carolina Hurricanes-Anaheim Ducks 2-3
Montreal Canadiens-Ottawa Senators 2-5
New Jersey DevilsPhiladelphia Flyers 7-0
Detroit Red Wings-Tampa Bay Lightning 0 to 3
Vegas Golden Knights-Dallas stars 2-3 – on penalties
Colorado Avalanche—The Calgary Flames 4-1
San Jose Sharks-Chicago Blackhawks 3-4 – penalty shootout

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