Next year's Between Horizons will be a sci-fi detective adventure

Next year’s Between Horizons will be a sci-fi detective adventure

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In 2.5D pixel art game, we have to discover a mysterious chain of events surrounding a spaceship and its passengers.

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It will be published next year DigiTales Interactive And that entertainment compilation Another common piece, a between horizons. In the science fiction game, we will play the role of Stella, a 24-year-old girl born on a spaceship who inherited the position of head of security from her father, and our task is to solve the conspiracy that threatens the safety of the ship. and its passengers.

You can see the spaceship, our main character and some locations in the trailer.

Between Horizons takes place aboard the spaceship Zephyr, which has been on its way to a distant star for 130 years, hoping to one day find a new haven and home for its passengers. A sprawling narrative is combined with a semi-open world, where we not only have to collect and connect the mysterious pieces of the story, but also have to make increasingly difficult moral decisions, while the situation seems to spiral out of control.

The evidence system assists in our investigation, as we can identify crime signs for cases and interrogate passengers and confront them with relevant evidence. Everything on the ship is connected to everything, but we have to figure out how. In addition to the game’s story, we also encounter many thought-provoking issues, such as intergenerational responsibility versus personal freedom. Until our task is not easy at all, we will not have a second chance to change any decision, the story will of course continue with consequences even if we do not choose the right solutions.

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Between Horizons will be released in late 2023 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. ■

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Apricot jam 07.11.2022 11:50 AM
Hey, if only he wasn’t mean on purpose…then I’d give him a shot.

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