Next-gen games will also be playable on Xbox One

a Microsoft Doesn’t want 2013 version Xbox Oneto leave completely.

At Redmond’s E3 performance, approx. Not a word has been said about the Xbox One. In the case of Microsoft Flight Simulator, this has been confirmed Xbox Series You get it, but the good old X1 doesn’t; And for Starfield, approx. It would also be impossible to power the “spaceSkyrim” port on Creation Engine 2 for “single double chests,” let alone Arkane Austin’s Redfall.

That’s why Microsoft thought about gamers using the old console, when that is the case Xbox WireIn a blog post on , they mentioned how they would be able to play a file Next generation Games on the increasingly obsolete device. Hypeing came first (Forza Horizon 5 coming later this year, attacking with DirectX ray tracking on both Xbox Series consoles; Battlefield 2042 also renders 60fps with 128 players; new hardware will need to perform Starfield, Redfall, and STALKER 2 ) Then they stated that they are excited that the developers will be able to realize their ideas that can only be implemented on next generation devices…

…but then it was pointed out that millions of gamers own an Xbox One and can’t wait to provide more details on how many next-gen games (like Microsoft Flight Simulator) can run on previous-gen hardware X-Box cloud games (Formerly known as xCloud), this method is used on mobile devices (Android and iOS), tablets and web browsers alike.

Of course, that’s not the only way Microsoft sees the future, as at this year’s E3 the company also said it will soon have a built-in Xbox app for smart TVs, and a streaming stick is also planned. (This has been discussed before!) So cloud is not a negligible factor for them.

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This may be fine, but there will be two important factors: on the one hand, you will need a stable Internet connection (without restrictions on data traffic!) and on the other hand, they will have to reduce the input lag as much as possible, otherwise we will have a terrible experience.

Source: WCCFTech

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