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[Next] Adelfa and the Pepper Mill and Harold Halibut at the Pilot Mill

[Next] Adelfa and the Pepper Mill and Harold Halibut at the Pilot Mill

Pepper grinder

Aggressive digging for everyone

Have you ever wondered how you would draw Celeste if the main character had a big organized workout? If so, we have good news: the pepper mill provides an answer to this burning question. In the game written by Ahr Ech, you play as a pirate who only has a large, unnecessary drill at his disposal to recover his stolen treasure from his rivals. The show introduces this story with sweaty platforming sections, small logic puzzles, and trawlable paths, making for a very enjoyable mix. The pit-based sections are tough enough to offer a certain challenge, but don't detract from life. In a word, based on its demo, Pepper Grinder looks like a great action platformer, which can hold pleasant surprises for both newcomers and veterans of the genre.

Publication: 2024. | Developer: Ahr Esh | Platform: PC (announced), Switch (announced) | Demo and wish list: Click!

Harold's halibut

The story of the seaweed

Photogrammetry. An amazing tool that is used more often in video game assets than we think. However, Harold Halibut doesn't bring Icelandic rocks or Unreal Engine scanned desert stone walls into the picture, but rather evokes director Wes Anderson's stop-motion puppet films using photogrammetry tools. The demo of the adventure game, which had been in preparation for a long time, arrived on My Deck in a 50 GB package, and then the explanation came from the developers – the world of scanned dolls is really very large, and the demo contains practically almost the entire game environment, with huge textures and so on. that. However, we are not interested in the technical details (of course we are), but in the gameplay. Harold Halibut will be a narrative adventure game, where the focus now, rather than puzzle solving, is on dialogue and discovery. To crawl left and right. Well, about the opinion. In the case of Harold Halibut, it is simply impossible to abstract from the visual elements and style. However, based on the demo, Wes Anderson's artistic depth and sharp satire are a bit missing from the game. This is scary because the gameplay doesn't feel as deep as the game's space environment. From there, the hype sunk in for me. There may be more cocoa in this title, but the seaweed scent is more evident around Harold's striking appearance. Damage.


Publication: 2024. | Developer: Slow Bros | Platform: PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series Demo and wish list: Click!

Outcast: A new beginning

The return of Ulukhai

One of my favorite games is Outcast. a point. On that day, it provided an experience and technological marvel that will be etched in my memory forever. New Beginning's roots go back to the PS2 days, and it's almost a minor miracle that the sequel will come together in 2024. I couldn't trust the project, all the trailers reflected the image of something unusual, fragmented and outdated, and yet, the Steam Fest presentation The demo, which has since become available on consoles, dispelled the negative feelings. A fresh start sounds good. big. The action is a bit choppy, but it's more fun live than you might expect from videos. There's a jetpack, and lots of verticality. Lots of little concerns one wonders about while driving. The atmosphere evokes the world of Adelfa with beautiful music. With the right settings, the game also runs on Steam Deck (although there is shader lag), but interestingly our researchers reported sub-30fps values ​​for the PS5 version as well. We have to wait until March 15 for the release, and I'm optimistic after the demo. Adelfa is waiting for you!


Publication: 03/15/2024| Developer: Appeal | Platform: PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series Demo and wish list: Click!

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