New Zealand’s population has reached five million

The island’s statistics office said on Monday that New Zealand had a population of five million in March.

Brooke Thiers, head of population registry at Statistics New Zealand, said so

It was a milestone in the country’s history, at the same time it was Million FasterBecause the number of people living in New Zealand reached 4 million in 2003 17 years ago.

The island nation’s population surpassed one million in 1908, then by 1952, and by 1973, the number of New Zealanders had increased again by one million.

The exact date that the country’s population crossed the five million mark will be announced at a later time, after reviewing the data.

With the country’s population growing mainly due to immigration, Thiers said the immigrant who arrived by plane may have been the fifth million in the island nation’s population, but it is conceivable that he was locally born.

New Zealand’s population has grown at an average annual rate of 1.3 percent since 2003.

Brooke Thiers also noted that the number of people living on the island has also increased somewhat due to the fact that many people have returned home due to the coronavirus pandemic, and many have still wanted to move.

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