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New Zealand is waiting for the new year with parties and curfews across Europe

New Zealand is waiting for the new year with parties and curfews across Europe

In New Zealand, which has wiped out the Covid-19 epidemic, crowds filled the streets and waited for 2021 while they envied Oceanians in other parts of the world.

In the remote island nation, only 25 have died of a disease causing upheaval on the planet. The usual restrictions in Europe are unknown to them, and so in Auckland, the country’s largest city, people filled city streets and watched traditional fireworks in a crowd.

Australia, our neighbor, has not been as affected by the pandemic as in Europe, and so the festivities took place on the streets of Melbourne and Sydney.

On the other hand, most countries of the world celebrate and celebrate with restraint, hoping that by 2021, the old year will be a bad memory at most.

In many places you can watch only fireworks and festive performances on TV, and there are places that are simply canceled.

In many countries in Europe and Brazil, the military imposes night curfews and mass gatherings, while vaccination programs are slow to start, but for several months there is a level of protection when life can return to normal.

In Britain, where the bulk of the population in England, which is now three-quarters of the population, is undergoing another quarantine, government scientific advisers warned residents against the march: “Coronavirus loves the masses very much.”

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Although freedom has also been complete in Wuhan, the former epicenter of the epidemic, and nightlife has skyrocketed in recent months, the New Year has been greeted with only a more modest light game. However, this is also because Chinese New Year is an even bigger holiday.

Meanwhile, in London, Trafalgar Square was fenced off, where many traditionally celebrated New Year’s Eve – to minimize illnesses caused by a new type of virus that is particularly contagious.

In New York, the famous Times Square, the ball of light will also slide on New Year’s Eve, but police said they won’t allow revelers celebrating the New Year with ecstasy.

However, in the Middle East, Dubai was preparing for huge fireworks and festivities at the famous bourgeois Burj Khalifa. Meanwhile, in Beirut, which was hit by a catastrophic explosion this year, the start of the curfew was postponed until 3 am, and bars, restaurants and nightclubs waited for artists.

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