New writer working on Beyond Good & Evil 2

New writer working on Beyond Good & Evil 2


Sarah Arellano previously worked at Blizzard and Volition Studios.

09/08/2022 22:17 | Greg | Category: game

Do you still remember, in principle, somewhere in a hidden corner of the world a game is being made, which is Beyond Good and Evil 2 Titled The project was still in progress in 2008, after which many years of silence followed. Then around 2016 things seemed to improve, and in 2017, two brand-new trailers came out. During those years, it seemed like little by little the game was going to become a hit. that in 2020, the driving force behind the entire project, Michel Ancel Make up your mind, thanks to him, but thirty years of game development was enough, it was time for him to start a new life.

Well, we haven’t heard anything about Beyond Good & Evil 2 since then. Not much even then, and even then, one can only report the hope that development is still flowing somewhere in the big world. Well, there is now a little better news, but that doesn’t stop the fans who are still adamant about cracking the champagne.

It turns out that a new lead writer has been added to the project Sarah Arellano Personally. He declared this himself On his Twitter channel. Arellano formerly, among others, a Blizzard and the Will He’s also beefed up his studios, so he’s had some experience with more serious developments as well.

This is another sign of life around the game, which this time is probably more important than others because Ubisoft Recently, it announced the closure of its ongoing projects one by one. The new Ghost Recon Frontline and Splinter Cell VR have both landed in the trash, but the premiere of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora has also been postponed. But since Beyond Good & Evil 2 didn’t have a release date in the first place, there’s not much to stop it. ■

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Beyond Good and Evil 2

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