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New World Trend – Janus Ader Podcast (Part 12)

New World Trend - Janus Ader Podcast (Part 12)

He discussed the compatibility of science with democracy, the commitment of “visual” leaders and the National Assessment Report with climate researcher Diana Urge Vorsatz in a podcast on Tuesday by President Adair entitled Blue Planet.

Continuing his talks with Dina Urge Vorsatz in March, the head of state also stressed the importance of prevention in the fight against climate change.

He said investing one dollar today can protect you five to six dollars in subsequent damage.

Diana Urg-Vorsatz indicated that the situation is similar in the case of an epidemic.

If countries had maintained the restrictions by listening to researchers, they could have stopped the pandemic.

He noted that she has also worked in Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam and Thailand. But according to the climate researcher, the “richer democracies” thought a lot about the victims the researchers identified at the time.

He added that the damage today, of course, was greater in magnitude.

He stressed that it is therefore important for people to listen to scientists, and it should be learned in the field of climate change and the environment.

Diana Org-Forsatz said:

Make the coronavirus vaccine mandatory as a researcher,

Because it is in the interest of society.

He noted that we are now facing a more contagious mutation, which means that herd immunity also requires a much higher vaccination.

They also agreed that it is not enough to do so at the country level on climate change, but the involvement of municipalities is important as well. Janus Ader highlighted the California-German Under2 initiative, which Budapest and county cities have joined, pledging to cut carbon emissions by at least 80 percent by 2050.

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And the head of state, referring to a study launched 12 years ago:

Climate change impacts are felt sooner and with greater intensity in the Carpathian Basin than in other parts of Europe.

Diana Urg-Vorsatz said that the loss of biodiversity in the world, for example, threatens only two other regions such as the Carpathian Basin. He noted that migratory species are being replaced by invasive substances such as bugs, harlekinkatica, ticks or ragweed.

Janus Ader confirmed that the Hungarian Scientific Panel on Climate Change (HUPCC) is organizing a conference in April and is planning a detailed report on the state of the climate in Hungary. Diana Org Forsatz confirmed:

The organization plans to issue an evaluation report by the second half of 2023,

The April conference aims to integrate scientific life on climate change.

You can listen to the 12th part of Janus Ader’s podcast here:

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