New Video from Hood: Outlaws & Legends

New Video from Hood: Outlaws & Legends


You walk in, steal the locker, get out, then another player’s team kills you anyway and takes it …

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It was announced last summer before Focus on the interactive home page, This Sumo Digital A new PvPvE made in his Newcastle studio, he will be Hood: Outlaws and Myths. The title actually indicates that it is a medieval work, the theme of which is the legend of Robin Hood. But instead of taking on the adventures of a barrier that plundered the rich and supported the poor, everyone would change their roadblock.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends will be online PvPvE that has now received a new trailer for the game. Players can also team up with their friends once they craft their illegal hero. This will also be required as it will not be the Lone Wolves game.

The gameplay isn’t mainly based on a new and unique layout, but it will also have its own ideas. The point is that, with our team, we choose a fort where the local owner is supposed to have collected all his gold and other wonderful treasures in an airtight treasure room. Each castle will be different filled with guards, soldiers, secret passages, and other interesting things. The goal is to enter as unnoticed as possible, find the knight who leads the defense of the castle, take the keys to the treasury from him, plunder them, then leave unnoticed as we arrived.

Yes, but the band isn’t just brushing their teeth with these treasures. On each side, two rival factions start to get treasures. Which tactics you choose depends on it, the range of possibilities is very wide. You can even wait outside for the rival gang to do the dirty work on the inside nicely, then head outside to beat them well and take your loot away. But you can even let the fortress keeper skill on them.

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Hood: Outlaws and myths will introduce four classes of characters. The sniper is represented here by Ranger, who can kill the enemy with his buffalo bow from almost any distance. It is also very effective against the jockey. The hunter is a master of assassinations and camouflage, who excels in raids with a crossbow fixed on his arm. But when it comes to melee, the Brawler is the best choice, as this behemoth carries a massive battle hammer on his shoulder. And if it is withdrawn, it cannot be effectively stopped. Team Scout and Wizard is Mystic, who can not only detect nearby units, but also recover fallen teammates. Thanks to her tied wand, she can defeat larger enemies with a blow or two.

There wasn’t a month left for Hood: Outlaws & Legends to be released. PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X, are also expected to be released on May 10th. ■

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Hood: Outlaws and Myths

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