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New trailer for The Expanse

New trailer for The Expanse

He rose from the ashes Telltale Games In 2021, it was announced that they are developing another adventure game. And, as they have done many times before, they chose a TV series for themselves. the sprawlor in our country, A Térség ran for six seasons between 2015 and 2022 and is also an adaptation of a new series.

The game’s heroine will be Kamina Drummer, portrayed by Kara G, who, along with her companions, will explore the dangerous region of the asteroid belt aboard the Artemis ship. During our adventures we will have to search and loot the wreckage of abandoned spaceships, we will have to put down a rebellion, but we will also have to face bloodthirsty pirates. The events will take place before the first season of the TV series. The creators haven’t revealed details yet, but other familiar faces from the series are likely.

Like the studio’s previous adventure games, this game will be released in spin-off form. But the creators stated that they are developing the game in a completely different way, so they can guarantee that the sequel will come every two weeks after the first episode. As for the gameplay, there will be significant differences compared to previous games, and this primarily affects control, which opens up completely new horizons due to weightlessness.

The Expanse got a new story trailer the other day, giving us a glimpse of the adventures that lie ahead. It will premiere on July 27 on PC (temporarily exclusive to EGS), PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

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