Új traileren a Resident Evil Netflix sorozat, kiderült, mikor nézhetjük bevezetőkép

New trailer for Resident Evil Netflix series, it turns out when we can watch it

With countless Resident Evil Showcase news yesterday, we wouldn’t be surprised if you skipped over the series’ info.

Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield together again in the animated series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (or The Hive: Infinite Darkness). The series will be available on Netflix and we already know the date: July 2021. We did not get a more accurate date, but we did get details about the story. For example, the whereabouts of the series are finally revealed in the timeline of the Resident Evil series.

According to yesterday’s news, Infinite Darkness takes place after Resident Evil IV, when Leon S. Kennedy worked in the Secret Service. Our hero is called back to the White House, where he meets Claire again, but instead of sweet nostalgia, a new job awaits them. The T virus erupts in the White House and causes the series to start.

In addition to the information, we also received a new preview, which can also be viewed with Hungarian inscriptions:

During the Resident Evil Showcase, we learned a lot of information, especially about Resident Evil Village, which will have a new demo available for a limited time. No matter which side you love the franchise on, it’s really nice to be a fan of Resident Evil right now.

We still have something to tell you, all interesting things will be found here!

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