New Steam Deck update brings improvements in battery life and support for Windows 11

In addition to the above, the lock screen and other new features, among others, are now part of the program.

There can be no reason to complain first steam surface Customers, as Valve regularly releases software updates for its new device, as well as relatively low user-reported bugs. Fast they interact. An update with a detailed changelog became available again yesterday on this link Available, and a summary of the most important things in Hungarian here to find it.


One of the most important innovations is that the system now supports the fTPM function, so from now on there is no obstacle to installing Windows 11, and the factory operating system interface allows you to switch between windows, which can be especially useful if you want to access for example to the browser or operator for that address.


The description also improves the power consumption of the device in standby or low load mode, which can improve the use time, and a simple alert that the power LED light dims after a few seconds of charging the update, making it easier to play in the dark.


There are two other innovations worth highlighting that will be immediately noticeable to users. One is that we already have the option to lock the device with a PIN so that unauthorized hackers can’t access the lock screen unless we give them the digital sequence to unlock it. The other is that you can check the layout for multiple languages ​​in the keyboard submenu of the settings menu, and if you activate more than one language, you can switch between them using the globe icon on the virtual keyboard.

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