New quality in "Csücsök", Balatonakaratty: Nánásiék, Sissy ice cream, Kolbászfalu

New quality in “Csücsök”, Balatonakaratty: Nánásiék, Sissy ice cream, Kolbászfalu

A long-running multi-unit catering center at “Csücsök” in Balatonakaratty, next to Route 71, in the immediate vicinity of the roundabout. We have stopped here in previous years too, it was no better nor worse than similar buffet complexes in Balaton.

Delicate food and souvenir shop for couple Pál Nánási and Nóra Ördög “Nekem a Balaton (Nánásiék) moved here last year and is now combined with a balcony and a self-catering bistro with a cozy kitchen. We targeted this unit the other evening, and overall the place provided a good experience I shall return to it. Now I would rather speak of what followed the dinner which I had here as an unexpected reward of fate.

“Nekem a Balaton (Nánásiék)” takeaway and souvenir shop (Photo: taken by the author)

Because it is good to have a well planned and organized prepared tour, but at least it is good to discover places we have never heard of before in a spirit of spontaneity. However, I must admit that I have not read about Sissy ice cream, which has been given a prestigious place in many ice cream competitions, so far, the truth is that I did not delve into this genre, I notice about twenty quality ice cream parlors on the level National (counting those operating in the franchise system as one), which I have visited myself, some many times, read the top lists, but have never looked for competition results.

At Sissy, we tasted award-winning ice cream, with the name: Eszterházy Strawberry soda with Lavender (Balaton ice cream award, 2022), Selíd kender with wild cranberries (One with Nature, second place, 2021), baked cranberries with goat cheese ( Ev fagyaltja 2nd place, also Audience Award, 2021), Treasure of Modena (3rd place ice cream, 2020), Rákóczi-túrós (real ice cream competition, 1st place), Mango Lassi (real ice cream competition, special prize).

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The ice cream was excellent one by one, if I had to pick one of them it would be Mango Lassi, but this is not dictated by professional standards, but by personal taste.

Androgynous Ice Cream Maker (Photo: Courtesy of the author)

After eating the ice cream, my gastric tour partner and I were about to get in the car so we could finally drink a glass of wine together at our accommodation, but in the end the desire to get to know each other won out, and even though we were already full, the Kolbászfalu Marked on Google Maps, just a few steps away, looked interesting. The majority are from five indices, and the place is currently 4.9 points. We thought it was worth it to at least take a look outside and look at their menu.

The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that they keep bottles of Hübris beer as well as large drafts. A sausage based bistro, where they serve good beer, inspire confidence right from the start, and almost certainly care about the food too. We got into a conversation with one of the kind, friendly, and communicative servers, and then with the store manager, who willingly answered a barrage of questions.

We found out that the place was founded by one of my interlocutors, Ferenc Biro, the former manager of the Mexican restaurant Iguana, who has been successfully operating for decades on Zoltan Street, along with Giorgi O’Cross, TV2 Production and Creative Director, who also happens to be the owner of the ice cream parlor next door.

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The living legend of sausage-making, Ferenc Deccane, referred to in the press only as the sausage king, helped him start the business. Together, they created the diverse collection in which quite a few specialties can be savored.

Sausages can be ordered by the piece, and the menu has been put together in a way that is conducive to those who want to taste in the first place. Sausages created according to the tastes of other nations weigh seventy grams, and those from gyola weigh ten deca.

After some hesitation, we decided on the group of five, because groups of three and four didn’t fit into the groups we rated “must have”. So we ordered spicy gyola, Mexican-inspired chorizo, Indian, and were also interested in the local reconstitution of lukanika (Greek orange sausage) and loganiga (Italian raisin sausage).

You can order french fries, steak, fries and potato salad with sausage, to us the bread seemed to be enough, especially when we were full, and of course the bread is also an excellent test in terms of how deep a particular place’s commitment to quality is. In other words, none of the fish fryers I’ve visited so far, which have been great in terms of the main and fish profile, have passed the test par excellence, and the freshly baked industrial bread has never gotten a better grade than an average.

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