Új előzetest kapott az Unreal Engine 5-ös kozmikus horrorjáték, a Quantum Error bevezetőkép

New preview of the cosmic horror game Unreal Engine 5, Quantum Error

We still don’t know when the quantum error will occur, but at least they’ve shown a little bit of it again.

The last time we saw the Quantum Errort, the seemingly thrilling Unreal Engine 5 horror game was on TeamKill Media last year, but now the game’s got a new trailer that still looks good — with an engine like that, let’s say you might expect it.

There’s no exact release date yet, but at least we recently got a new preview, you can see that below.

The latest video gives you an insight into the history of quantum error – of course, the material doesn’t reveal any details, it just shoots in the mood. It’s a sci-fi horror, and fans of the genre can comb their palms forward.

An interesting development was that the game was previously released for both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 4, but the new favorite game only includes PlayStation 5 as the target platform. Maybe it’s just a marketing deal, as the above trailer has also been released on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, and the video highlights that we can see a PS5 release soon.

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