New Preview of Crazy Doctor Strange 2: A New Monster and Lots of Wanda in the Multiverse

New Preview of Crazy Doctor Strange 2: A New Monster and Lots of Wanda in the Multiverse

The new preview of Doctor Strange 2 promises brand new scenes, and we’re already sitting on the needles to finally see the movie!

While fans in the US were pleased to announce the start of pre-sale tickets for cinemas on Wednesdaythe creators also delighted us with a new trailer, which only added to the doubts that a great movie is waiting for us.

In the last preview, Wanda, Wong and a particularly mysterious character appear that many fans think might be some kind of superior Iron Man and a new monster that appears to be on the right side for a few moments (then it will be revealed in the cinema).

The Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness The film will be shown in Hungarian cinemas on May 5, which was a smash hit Spider-Man: There is no escape from home The film follows and continues the multiverse frenzy. Most fans would expect a slightly darker plot twist, although the closing scenes from the latest Spider-Man movie were dark enough — especially if you’re like Spider-Man.

In the first scene of the final trailer, Strange visits Wanda and tries to get him to help him by saying, “I need the Avengers,” and the typical Steven joke can’t be ruled out: “So maybe your name can get him back on the snack box.”

However, the scene instantly turns into one in which Wanda is floating in the air and appears to be picking up a dangerous spell as if she is transporting a person through the portal of the multiverse. This is followed by a small scene of (according to fans) getting superior in Iron Man, then a new monster appears, who appears to be running for the first time against Wong, but is already on the side of Wong and Wanda in the following excerpt, apparently preparing for a more dangerous confrontation with another opponent. .

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