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New non-toxic battery technology may soon be available  Sciences

New non-toxic battery technology may soon be available Sciences

With the growing demand for batteries, more and more such factories are being built – including in our country – but the current technology is extremely dangerous and even toxic, and now Australian and Chinese researchers have managed to find a way to make production safer.

A new type of safe, efficient and non-toxic battery may soon be available, thanks to a joint research project between Australian and Chinese scientists. Researchers from Flinders University in South Australia and Zhejiang University of Science and Technology in China Developed the The world’s first aluminum aqueous radical battery, which uses aqueous electrolytes instead of hazardous materials.

The battery can provide a constant output voltage of 1.25V and a capacity of 110 mAh/g for 800 cycles with minimal damage. Stabilized radicals are organic molecules widely used in various organic battery systems. The researchers discovered that a stable radical called TEMPO undergoes reversible disproportionation in the presence of a Lewis acid, allowing aluminum radicals to form.

According to researchers, aluminum ion batteries have great potential as an alternative to lithium ion batteries. In addition, scientists hope to improve the battery’s performance and increase production to commercialize it in the future.

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