0%-on áll a Netflix új vígjátéksorozata a Rotten Tomatoeson bevezetőkép

New Netflix Comedy Series At Rotten Tomatoes At 0%

After that, women did not really win the support of critics, but the public still had a different opinion.

Internet databases prove time and time again that the opinions of critics and the public do not always converge, and we very skillfully put them together just for the sake of underage readers and good taste.

A good example of this is the recently unveiled Netflix comedy series Women a Then (Hard Cell), which Rotten Tomatoeson has a rating of 0, which is zero percent of professional opinion leaders, while it collected a good likeability index of 82% among viewers. The latter means that 82% of voters rated it 3.5 stars or more.

The series’ plot, which also appeared in The Office and was brought to the surface by Catherine Tate, is set in a fictional women’s prison, and the British comedian pays homage to all six of the film’s protagonists. According to critics, this could have been more damaging to his ratings, a comma at least writesThat Tate’s “side-show” is a distraction from the entire hilarious main story, and Evening Standard He says there’s no problem with the basics either.

However, it should be noted that at the time of writing, 0% critical judgment was generated from only 8 opinions, while 82% was collected by 49 people. Also, women differentiate on a thoracic scale afterwards by 0% Standing at 6.2/10 points after 739 votes on IMDb, which isn’t very muscular, but it’s a far cry from Dream.net’s infamous score of 1.3, let alone zero. if it was We look at MetacriticThere we find a critical rating of 38 points, against a 5.5/10 audience vote.

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Since we haven’t seen it yet, we won’t even decide whether the criticisms mentioned by Rotten Tomatoes or viewers are right, but who will go after them themselves, You can play Netflix at any time The 6-part opening season.

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