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New mechanics based on the original game?


allegedly dead space Renovation is already underway electronic arts moderation, and this could also be a sign that the publisher is seeing money in single player games.

According to rumors, formerly Jade Raymond (formerly Ubisoft [Assasin’s Creed]Stadia, formerly, now at MotSt (Star Wars: Squadrons), which was founded at PlayStation Studios by the founding CEO of Haven Studios, is working to revamp Dead Space. Jeff Grob, VentureBeat writer Wrote, but his credibility is questionable (because he has often stated that Starfield is coming in 2021, before Microsoft refutes and announces the start of November 2022).

According to him, regarding Dead Space, Motive tore two pages out of Capcom’s book because the Resident Evil remakes weren’t financially unsuccessful products for the Japanese label. Like Resident Evil 2 Remake, the updated version of Dead Space will use the original game as a solid foundation, but the visuals will be modern and there’s a good chance that new game mechanics inspired by the rest of the franchise will come into the remake. As well.

Grubb speculates that Project Dead Space a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order And the publisher realized that it might have to reconsider its earlier statement (repeatedly stating that the focus was on live service and live service games), which justified reducing resources for single-game titles after Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst wasn’t successful. The dice was behind the game then Star Wars: Battlefront II It was an even bigger disaster at the time of its release, but in the form of a service, the studio managed to patch the game over time (which, due to the effect of first impressions, didn’t catch everyone’s attention repeatedly).

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a Remake of Dead Space Not yet officially announced. The reveal is said to take place during the EA Play Live broadcast in three weeks. Until then, not everything we have described should be fully believed.

Source: WCCFTech

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