New maps have appeared: Ukraine is gaining momentum in the Bahamut region

Repar channel, one of the most objective Russian Telegram channels, reported in its report on the situation on Sunday evening that the Ukrainian armed forces broke through the front line in the direction of Klychevka. The news appeared for the first time on the channel of Alexander Simonov, a dubber who joined Wagner’s mercenary group.

With its latest breakthrough, Ukraine pushed the Russian forces to a safe distance “lifestyle” From the main road T0504. The main road is the only road to Bahmut that is entirely under Ukrainian control, but it is important to note that it is still within range of the Russian artillery.

In addition, Rybar determined, based on recordings posted on the Internet, that Wagner, led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, also achieved partial success in the settlement. The northern part of the city’s western sector is almost entirely under Russian control, and they storm the last Ukrainian fortified sector.

We are moving forward on the outskirts of Bahmut without change. Our units today occupied more than ten enemy positions in the northern and southern parts of the outskirts of Bahamut and cleared a large part of the forests around the settlement of Ivanivsk from the Russian forces.

– Ukrainian Defense Minister Hanna Malgar wrote about the situation on her Telegram channel.

Cover image is illustrative. Cover image source: Getty Images

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