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New majors are being launched in the BBTE for both core and master’s courses

New majors are being launched in the BBTE for both core and master’s courses

Dr. explained. Babi-Bolyai that Peebli University announces more than 29,000 places for the next academic year, of which 5,298 are tuition-free places. Anna Seuss, vice president, at the press conference Thursday. BBTE also brings innovations to the educational offer, and new majors are being launched in both its Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes.

The most prominent university professor, Dr. Daniel David, Dean of BBTE, says that as one of the reference deans in the country, he considers it important not only to attract foreign students to the university, who otherwise come with great financial resources. It is very important that the youth of the country have the opportunity to study at the BBTE, which is why they have announced “enough free places” for the next academic year, and these also cater to Hungarian, Romanian and German students. He added that, of course, they also provide places subject to tuition fees.

The university’s Erasmus program is the most comprehensive nationally and offers opportunities for international mobility. At the same time, he added, “excellence is one of BBTE’s core values” and students are expected to become good professionals and good citizens.

Dr. Ana Suss, Vice-Chancellor of Babeș University – Bolyai, presented the number of places and majors announced for the following year. As he said, you can apply for more than 29,000 places, of which 5,298 are tuition-exempt and 10,892 are subject to tuition. In addition, there are 2,980 places for reduced-visit distance learning and education applicants towards a bachelor’s degree. Among the tuition-free places, 30 places are reserved for students of Roma nationality, 178 places for graduates of rural high schools, 15 places for people coming from the welfare system, and 193 places that can be occupied by Romanians across the border.

There will be 3,627 tuition-free places and 6,284 places required for master’s programs at BBTE. Of these, 230 are considered priority areas, 5 are designated for people coming from the social welfare system and people with disabilities, and 127 are open for people of Romanian nationality across the border. Dr. Anna Suss indicated that 50 places for taught master’s courses had been announced.

New majors in BBTE

As for the number of majors, 252 bachelor’s degree programs and 236 master’s degree programs were offered. In addition, students can continue their research in 32 doctoral fields and 31 doctoral schools.

The coming academic year will bring many innovations to the university, as new courses have been added to the educational offer. The Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media started in Hungarian at the Faculty of Politics, Public Administration and Communication Sciences. According to Daniel David, there has already been a huge demand for this, as the number of subscribers to the digital media course in Romanian is constantly growing.

As mentioned earlier, young people who choose a digital media major can learn content production techniques online. Among other things, they will also handle the use of graphics software, video production, social media management, and web editing. Although digital media and journalism are closely linked, BBTE’s new main center is more focused on enhancing the technical background, university associate professor Gabor Gyorvi, head of the Hungarian department at the Institute of Journalism and Digital Media, explained when contacted by Maszol. However, the new major creates an opportunity not only to become familiar with traditional journalistic techniques, but also to introduce them to the world of interactive digital communications, digital data analysis and data collection, and web design.

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At the same time, the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences in Resicapania will launch distance learning courses in pedagogy in kindergarten and primary education, as well as psychology – cognitive sciences in English, the vice-chancellor explained.

A total of 7 new master’s programs started. The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics launches the Cyber ​​Security major, and those interested can choose this program in English. In the Faculty of Biology and Geology, Bioinformatics majors in Applied Life Sciences (in English), and majors in Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Tourism Resources and Sustainable Development in the Faculty of Geography, and the latter in Zeila. In the Faculty of Psychology and Education, the Clinical Psychology: Evaluation and Intervention course is launched in Hungarian, in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, the Business and Financial Data Analysis course is launched in Hungarian, and in the Faculty of European Studies, the Political Culture and Global Studies program is launched in German.

Admission will start soon

Admission is organized between 10 and 23 July. The university faculties hold many written and oral exams to assess students’ knowledge, and the faculties take into account the average bagrut exam with different weights.

References required for entrance exams are available on the colleges’ official websites.

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