New macOS Update Fixes Sensor Island Error in MacBook Pro

In addition to fixing this bug, a new feature is coming to the Apple desktop system.

Many people do not immediately press the install button when a new major version of the operating system is released, but rather wait for the first major bug fix, because no matter how much the program has been tested by developers, there will always be bugs. It’s no different from Apple’s macOS (and by the way iOS and iPadOC), who buy devices that were introduced with the new OS at the same time have no choice but to take on Pediatrics from the current version, as new devices aren’t officially available for operating systems released before entered.


With this year’s MacBook Pro, it’s redesigned and a huge leap in performance compared to its predecessors, what we wrote About a more serious bug, but even the Island Hanging Camera bug that appeared on notebooks this year also received significant press coverage. The point here is that the OS was not set up for hidden webcam snooping, and the buttons in the status bar at the top of the screen probably appeared “below” the island, which, although you could click them, didn’t show exactly what we were planning to press.

macOS is still in beta, and will likely be released to the public next week 12.1-ar The update fixes both the bugs mentioned above (along with fixing the trackpad sensitivity bug, for example) and will finally be available on Macs already running iOS and iPadOS. SharePlay Job. Unfortunately, it was also introduced this summer and promised this year as well universal control It won’t be available with the new OS release either, so that promise is unlikely to be fulfilled this year.

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