New Life is Strange has been announced, with the protagonist possessing supernatural powers more dangerous than ever

New Life is Strange has been announced, with the protagonist possessing supernatural powers more dangerous than ever

Life is Strange is one of the best Square Enix series of games, where in its episodes we meet guys who have so far been blessed or rather beaten with special abilities, who had to come to terms not only with their supernatural powers but also with their superpowers. Personal relationships and even their own identities. At a publisher’s presentation tonight, the latest episode of the series, titled Life is Strange: True Colors, was finally announced, and it will be released on PC and consoles on September 10. You can see a preview of Warm Anchor below.

This part is now being developed not by Dontnod, but by Deck Nine, to whom we also owe the history of the first part, before the storm. True Colors’ protagonist is Alex Chen, who has returned home to Haven Srpings, an idyllic little mountain town, but of course there are uphill struggles between beautiful mountain peaks this time too. Alex’s superpower is centered around empathy, which means he is able to experience or manipulate other people’s feelings, sometimes too much, which can lead to tragedies. Developers say this super ability will be more in line with gameplay, story, and world than ever before. Incidentally, the story’s core question would be how the protagonist’s brother, Gregg died: This needs to be discovered when exploring the small town, using our empathetic skills.

The good news is that Life is Strange: True Colors will be fully operable starting September 10, so unlike the previous parts, it will be dosed non-accidentally by the developers. Of course, this will give you the opportunity to go chapter by chapter and feel like you are in a TV series.

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Another good news is that the new LiS comes with Part 1 and a revamped version of Before the Storm in the form of the Life is Strange Remastered set, which improves the character and visual animation. We don’t know when this will be available yet, but it sure will be available for PC (including Stadia), PS4, and Xbox One, and this version will be included in the True Colors Ultimate Edition if you don’t. We want to buy it separately.

So Life is Strange: True Colors will be released for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S on September 10th.

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