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New earthquake on the horizon? – Computer news أخبار

According to the latest rumors, it is possible that the well-known FPS series will continue.

Fans of FPS style certainly don’t need to be introduced to the Quake series, the first part of which was released in 1996, and since then we’ve had three numbered sequels and a free-to-play side, but we haven’t. It’s heard a lot about itself since the 2017 Quake Heroes series (already if we don’t think of 2019 Quake II RTX) However, it’s possible that there will already be a sequel, which will also be a reboot and any ID and Machine Games will bring them together. Of course, this only surfaced on rumors for the first time in the XboxEra Podcast, where there was also talk of getting a female heroine in both single and multiplayer modes. For now, you can only guess if this is real, but maybe at the latest August earthquake Then we will be smarter.

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